Our Principles

It is time to have an honest conversation about our future.

Framingham is a great community that has the resources, people power and energy to be even better.

While we have well-meaning elected officials who try their best on a volunteer basis to manage the large $250M entity that is Framingham, we miss opportunities because of our lack of clear priorities, scattered decision-making and diffused authority.

We are committed to positive change. We fully expect and encourage the Charter Commission to embrace these six principles:

  1. Framingham is a great community in which to live, learn, work and play;
  2. Our current system of government is ineffective and unable to make efficient, informed decisions, to meet the needs of a modern, complex community of 70,000 people, or to effectively represent the interests of all the community’s neighborhoods;
  3. The Charter Commission must conduct itself in a transparent, open and participatory manner reaching out to all segments of our diverse community. Its members should listen and be open to a variety of opinions, even ones different than their own current views before making any specific, final proposals;
  4. As the fourteenth most populous community in the Commonwealth, we need a strong, innovative and accountable executive, elected or appointed, that will advocate on our behalf with leaders in industry, government and society;
  5. We need to replace Town Meeting with a legislative branch, elected by the people of our neighborhoods and accountable to every segment of our diverse community; this legislative branch must serve the important role of providing effective checks and balances to the executive branch of government so that it ensures everyone’s voice is heard in our decision-making process; and,
  6. Our form of government must provide a strong voice for our students, parents and teachers and include a mechanism that ensures that municipal leaders work cooperatively, collaboratively and in concert with the School Department.