Who is Framingham First?

Framingham First is a civic group comprised of concerned citizens committed to positive change. Our members – made up of elected officials, local business owners, students, parents and lifelong and new residents – are working collaboratively to make Framingham a better place to live, learn, work and play for all of its residents. And while we have various philosophies of government, belong to different political parties, and come from every corner of the community, we all agree that our current form of government needs to be modernized.

All are welcome to join in the conversation.


What Does Framingham First Stand For?

We believe in an open, transparent and participatory Charter Commission process.

We are proud of Framingham. The pride that each of us feels for Framingham needs to be better reflected in our town government.

We believe our form of government needs to evolve in order:

  • To increase citizen participation;
  • to increase accountability and functionality;
  • to ensure that we speak with a singular and clear voice;
  • to maximize operational efficiencies and effectiveness;
  • to ensure transparency of government to maximize public integrity.
  • Framingham deserves a government that is modern, effective and accountable.

Since our campaign began in Summer 2015, we have had great conversations about Framingham’s future with our fellow neighbors. From Nobscot to the Southside, one thing is clear: people are seeking change in how our government serves its citizens.

We look forward to continuing this conversation leading up to the April 4, 2017 municipal election.

Vote Yes for Framingham.